Marketer of the Year

In 2013, Jimmy Nicholas was awarded the Marketer of the Year by GKIC, the world’s largest direct response marketing organization.

You can watch the presentation Jimmy in this video.

Jimmy also co-authored the #1 Amazon bestselling book, Marketer of the Year.

2014 – #1 Amazon Best Seller – Marketer of the Year



DanKIn The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins says he despises adventures because they make one late for dinner. Many businesspeople have similar feeling about voluntarily seeking out tough competitive situations to master. Their comfort zone is small, and they prefer never venturing beyond its borders. Not so, the authors of this book. Every year at GKIC, many outstanding Members step up and compete in Marketer of the Year, DIAMOND Member-Marketer of the Year, Info-Marketer of the Year and other achievement categories, and our winners are often individuals who have not only skyrocketed their business’ sales, but have, in different ways, transformed themselves, their way of thinking and their lives through the process of competing. If that sounds hokey or juvenile, you may never have experienced a transformative process. Until this book, no one has kept a diary of all that and described how they decided to compete and went about winning a Marketer of the Year designation. In the interview in this book, two winners, Walter Bergeron and Jimmy Nicholas, reveal how they greatly improved the performance and value of their very different kinds of businesses by applying strategies I espouse, and how competing provided direction, discipline and motivation. Their experiences chronicled here and their advice about taking your business to the next level are well worth mining for gems you can use. And whether you enter a business competition like this or simply compete to better your own best, this book does contain gems!

-Dan S. Kennedy
Multi-Millionaire Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Author of No B.S. Guide to Brand-Building By Direct-Response and numerous other business books.


Walter Bergeron and James “Jimmy” Nicholas are exceptional entrepreneurs with incredible work ethics that are massively curious and open-minded. With their desire and great passion to utilize their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial energies, I see even greater potential in them both.

-Dame Lee Milteer


“The single insight, which is a question headline in the first paragraph on page 83, is the worth 100 times more than what you’ll pay for this book. Run, don’t walk to get your copy on kindle and starting reading!”

Alex Mandossian
Founder of Hangout
Marketer of the Year


“Walter Bergeron and Jimmy Nicholas are two of the smartest marketers I know. They are creative, innovative, and always on the cutting edge with the latest marketing systems that help put money in your bank account. I HIGHLY recommend reading their new book, Marketer of the Year. The information they present will help your cash register ring.”

-Craig Simpson, Direct Mail Consultant and Coach

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