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Tremendous Results

The # 1 reason why you should choose us for your marketing company is, by far, the results we get for our clients.

The below audio file is a clip from a phone call our client received within the first week of launching their new Jimmy Marketing website.

The foundation of the marketing system we implement is your website. Wouldn’t you like to get more calls like this?

Another client of ours talks about the success he is seeing from what we are doing for him with Google.

Here is a typical email we receive from our private clients.


When you are a private client, we have check-in calls where we go over the exact results because we are tracking everything for you. Listen to this clip where a podiatrist explains how he is taking $1,200 per month from another marketing area and put that $1,200 to work with Jimmy Marketing. “It’s just amazing!”

In the video below, another client who is a real estate investor implemented our marketing system and shares how he is seeing a 10 to 1 ROI with Jimmy Marketing.




On this audio CD you will hear from an orthodontist (Dr. Burleson), dentist (Dr.Johnson), attorney (Attorney Hogan), podiatrist (Dr. Milkie), and an entertainment company (Mr. Taback). They share their experience and results they are seeing with Jimmy Marketing.


Your Worry-Free Marketing Solution

For most practices and small businesses marketing is quite a challenge today. There are so many ways you can market. What works, what doesn’t work? Most people go with their gut feel in terms of how they should be marketing.

When you work with Jimmy Marketing you know exactly which traffic sources are working and which ones aren’t because we utilize a revolutionary technology that changes the phone number on your website dynamically based on where your visitor came from. The result is you can sleep at night, worry-free knowing that your marketing investment is yielding you a profitable return on investment (ROI).


Money-Back Guarantee

When you are choosing a marketing company, we realize you are not buying a car, a loaf a bread or another tangible product. In essence, you don’t really know what you are buying. That being said, we do know our product and our team. We are so confident in the website we will build for you that we offer you a 100% money back guarantee. Additionally, with our marketing systems we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are like many of our clients, you most likely have had a poor experience with another web design or marketing company. To take the risk off of you, and put the risk entirely on us, we offer you these guarantees. While we have never had to honor one of these guarantees, it is important we offer them for your peace of mind. Ask more about these guarantees during your free strategy session.



We form exclusive relationships with clients who we are marketing on an on-going basis. Our goal is to help you become #1 in your market and be an industry leader. Since there is only one #1, ethically and logically we can only work with one doctor in a respective market


No Contracts

There are no contracts when you choose Jimmy Marketing. If you want to cancel our services at any time, no problem. If the results are not there, we want to give you the flexibility to move on. We are confident in our systems, our team, and the results you will receive. This is why we have over a 98% retention rate for our clients


Flexible Payment Plans Available

We offer multiple payment options for our marketing services, including our websites, info-products and more. We even have 0% financing available. We are willing to finance our services for you because we realize cash flow can be challenging at different points of your growth. We are most interested in forming a long-term relationship with our clients and providing flexible payment options. Additionally, we accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.


World-class 6-Star Service

We are all about exceeding your expectations by providing exceptional service and exceptional results. Since we strive to go above and beyond, the cornerstone of our training system is our 6-star customer service program. All of our team members and new hires go through this 6-star program, in-depth training on our systems and processes, and continual supplemental training to stay in line with the latest developments in the marketing industry.


Diversified Certifications

At Jimmy Marketing, we hold numerous certifications by the best marketing companies.
Below you will find some of our more important certifications.

Be sure your marketing team has these certifications at a minimum:

Google-PartnerThe Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in both basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. An AdWords certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an online advertising professional. If you are not leveraging Google to the fullest extent, you are losing countless opportunities to your competitors. At Jimmy Marketing, not only are we a Google Partner and certified by Google, we have been managing millions of dollars of campaigns for over 15 years.

GKIC-logoGKIC is the world’s largest direct response marketing organization. GKIC led by Dan Kennedy, one of the world’s most sought after marketing consultants commanding fees of over $19,000 per day. At Jimmy Marketing, we are certified by the GKIC Marketing Academy. In addition to being certified, Jimmy was awarded the coveted Marketer of the Year designation. Most importantly, we have enjoyed tremendous growth from implementing GKIC direct response marketing strategies both internally and for our clients.

cascertCertified Client Acquisition Specialists are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage paid traffic channels such as Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms to grow their customer or patient base. This certification is from the industry’s go-to-resource for traffic and conversion strategies, Digital Marketer. Digital Marketer is led by Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher. Jimmy Marketing has implemented Digital Marketer techniques both internally and for our clients.

The Power Marketing Program is a COMPLETE marketing system unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The 5 major points in the Power Marketing Program include:
1. Business Innovation
2. The Strategic Messaging Formula
3. A Comprehensive Internet Marketing Suite
4. Your Systematized Sales Process
5. A Professionalized Image

When you have these 5 components working in your business or practice you can easily dominate your market. At Jimmy Marketing, we are certified in the ENTIRE Power Marketing Program. Additionally, we have successfully implemented all 5 components both internally and for our clients.


The founder of Jimmy Marketing, Jimmy Nicholas was awarded the coveted GKIC Marketer of the Year title by Dan Kennedy. GKIC is the world’s largest direct-response marketing organization. Dan Kennedy is like the Michael Jordan of marketing. He is one of the world’s most sought after consultants, commanding fees of over $19,000 per day. The GKIC Marketer of the Year is based on results of marketing campaigns, directly related to return on investment (ROI), not just pretty ads.


Highly Trained Team

At Jimmy Marketing, we have a team of marketing experts who specialize in various aspects of our marketing system. Also, we have a formal on-boarding process for all new team members.

Our entire team is continually going through supplemental training as the marketing industry changes and grows. All of our systems and process are documented which allows us to consistently help our clients achieve exponential results.

Our team stays on top of the latest trends and strategies in marketing, so you don’t have to!

Working With The World’s Top Marketing Partners and Organizations

The right marketing company can mean the difference between losing money with your marketing investment or having as many new patients or clients as you could ever want. Click here to learn about the 12 rules you must know in choosing your marketing company
Read what some of our clients are saying
Dr. Marco Vargas, Podiatrist Dr. Marco Vargas, Podiatrist
“I was skeptical at first. I am now raving fan of Jimmy Marketing. We are adding two more locations since starting to work with Jimmy Marketing.
Wade Sarrette, BuilderWade Sarrette, Builder
“My best investment was my website with Jimmy Marketing.”
Dr. James Stork, OrthodontistDr. James Stork, Orthodontist
“We got two new patients within the first week of launching your marketing.”
Guy Danielson, MD, NeurosurgeonGuy Danielson, MD, Neurosurgeon
“We went virtually no patients from the web to consistently getting new patients from the web since working with Jimmy Marketing.”
Jack Johnson, DDSJack Johnson, DDS
“We consistently get 200 to 300 new patients from Jimmy Marketing’s efforts every year.”
Paul Hogan, AttorneyPaul Hogan, Attorney
“We generated an ROI after the first 30 days from working with Jimmy Marketing.”
Dr. Chris Milkie, PodiatristDr. Chris Milkie, Podiatrist
“Our leads from the web have more than doubled since working with Jimmy Marketing.”
Tim Griswold, PlumberTim Griswold, Plumber
“We had to add another truck since working with Jimmy Marketing.”
Paul Ross, DPMPaul Ross, DPM
“We are booked solid since implementing your marketing.”
Dr. Dustin Burleson, OrthodontistDr. Dustin Burleson, Orthodontist
“We are getting 5 to 6 new patients a day with the marketing strategies Jimmy Marketing implements.”
Morag MorseMorag Morse
Thank You Jimmy Marketing!! Dave's awesome, he helps me with my website problems is always friendly and professional and most of all he gets the job done.
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