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What’s in a website? Beyond promoting products and services, our business online marketing expert says your company’s website should contain certain elements that all work together to make it successful. When done properly, your website can act as a digital sales force, attracting new patients and growing your business. In order to accomplish this, however, your website must do three main things, as outlined by our business online marketing expert below.

Before You Build – A Message from Our Business Online Marketing Expert

Convey Your Message

What is your company all about? Although this sounds simple and obvious, many people make the mistake of not answering this question with their website content. According to our online marketing for businesses expert, one of the main things a company’s website should do is convey your message. Make it clear to your audience who you are and what you do. This will not only inform current and potential clients or patients but it will also help increase your brand’s awareness.

Be Responsive

Can your website be seen by anyone and everyone? Our business online marketing expert says in order for your company to get maximum exposure, your website must be responsive. A responsive website is viewable on not only a desktop computer but also on other devices, like tablets and smartphones. People are increasingly using these devices to get online, and if your website isn’t responsive, then you’re missing out on a ton of traffic.

Integrate Social Media

Social media usage increases daily, with 2.46 billion users in 2017 and 2.77 billion projected users by 2019. With numbers like these, making sure your company or practice has at least two social media accounts is crucial. Not only does it help build a relationship with your audience but it also creates brand awareness, and attracts new traffic. Along with new traffic comes new leads, and new clients or patients. Our online marketing for businesses expert says when you link your social media accounts to your website, your reach and prospect for new patients has unlimited potential.

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