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Your Path To Predictably Attract More New Patients From The Web Begins Here

Dear Friend,

Are you looking for a cost-effective and proven method to predictably attract more new prospects for your practice or business? If so, then you are in the right place!

When it comes to your marketing strategy, there are numerous variables to take into consideration. At Jimmy Marketing, we recognize that marketing cannot follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Some variables include your market, the solutions you offer, your goals, your budget, and others.

So that we can best help you with your own marketing strategy and properly prepare for our call, I invite you to fill out the form below.

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Based on the information you provide, our team will be able to do some background research on how you can use the web more effectively. After filling out the form, you will have instant access to the calendar for our top marketing advisor, Darren Mason. Darren has owned multiple businesses, consulted with hundreds of doctors, and was the #1 marketing advisor at the largest direct-response marketing organization, GKIC, before joining the Jimmy Marketing team.

During your call with Darren, he will provide you with a FREE, no-obligation marketing strategy custom-tailored to your practice, which you can implement with our help or on your own. Additionally, we will share some data on how your competitors are utilizing online marketing, discuss what keyword phrases would be the most profitable for you, and answer any of your questions.

We look forward to discussing your online marketing strategy. Find out for yourself why our clients love Jimmy Marketing as we hold over a 93% retention ratio!

To your success,

Jimmy Nicholas
Your Marketing Maven

P.S. Do not delay in filling out the form below, as we only work with one client per doctor type per market.

Schedule Your Marketing Strategy Call With Our Top Marketing Advisor, Darren Mason, By Filling Out This Form


  • "We collected over $300,000 in revenue from Google alone last month due to our web efforts with Jimmy Marketing."
    Dr. Dustin Burleson
    Orthodontist in Kansas City, MO

  • "We eclipsed over $204,000 in treatment revenue from Online sources alone last month due to our web efforts with Jimmy Marketing."
    Jared Brader, MBA
    Private Practice Owner
    Intermountain Audiology with multiple locations in UT, WY and NV

  • "Since working with Jimmy Marketing we have seen over a 65% increase in new patients from the web."
    Dr. Chris Milkie
    Podiatrist in Milwaukee, WI

  • "Jimmy, Have u ever heard of a little kid say " I hit it out of the park"? That's what we r doing now and just wanted to say a million thanks - for the first time I can confidently say...it works!"
    Dr Leif Loberg
    Dentist in Laguna Hills, CA

  • "We have definitely seen an increase in new patients from the web since launching our new Jimmy Marketing Website."
    Dr. Michael Burgdorf
    Plastic Surgeon in Nashville, TN

  • "I wanted unique. I want to be marketed differently than traditional dentists. You made recording two webinars extremely easy. Your team made getting our new website live easy. Your quality of content has also helped us build trust for our potential patients as well as differentiate us. Our new Jimmy Marketing website helps us attract more new patients from the web."
    Dr. Bruce Crawford
    Periodontist in St. Petersburg, FL

  • "We have been live now with Jimmy Marketing for about six months, and our internet referrals have just about doubled to what they were before compared to the same time frame last year."
    Dr. Borello

  • "Our production from Internet leads tripled."
    Dr. Wilson

  • "I am extremely happy with my website and your team."
    Dr. White

  • "We saw 7 new patients today from Google alone, with four same day starts!"
    Dr. Coles

  • I would like to add ... "..it was a difficult decision to have basically thrown away $15,000 on the previous site, I don't regret it for a minute. Whatever I have spent with Jimmy Marketing since I started working with them has been well worth it given the fantastic results that the site has produced."
    Dr. Marco Vargas
    Podiatrist in Sugar Land, TX