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Watch This Short Presentation To Learn How Our Process Works
Below is a summary of our process which is also explained in the video above.
Step # 1 – Phone Call With Darren & Your Website Stress Test
In addition to discussing your web marketing strategy and goals with Darren, and answering any of your web marketing your questions, our team is going to put your website through our Jimmy Marketing website stress test. Your website is put through a series of tests. Darren Mason, our top marketing advisor, will share the website stress results with you. He will also perform a competition analysis and a keyword analysis within your local market. He will answer your questions related to web marketing.

At the end of the call where he has gone over the results with you, if you are interested in learning how we MAY be able to help solve any problems you are currently facing with your web marketing, Darren will schedule another call to explain our recommended solution.

If after going over the results of your website stress test, you are not interested in learning more about our recommended solution, we part ways as friends and wish you the best of continued success!
Step # 2 – Determine If There Is A Mutual Fit
After presenting your recommended solution AND if we strongly feel we can help you profitably attract more patients into your practice AND you feel there is a mutual fit between us, you will submit a deposit to start the process. After submitting the deposit, you will receive instant access to schedule your initial discovery call with Brian Santoro. Brian will be your Jimmy Marketing Website Marketing Specialist.
Step #3 – Your Discovery Call
Brian will ask you a series of questions so we can help position you as the logical and only choice for the solutions you provide in your local market. We will also use the answers from this call to establish your overall website outline (sitemap) and some of your content.
Step #4 – Your Discovery & Asset Gathering Checklist
Brian will be sharing with you our Discovery & Asset Gathering checklist. Please complete this checklist in its entirety, as the information you submit will be used to create your website and by your marketing account manager when building your marketing ad campaigns.
Step #5 – Your Rough Draft Preview
Brian will show you what your home page is going to look like. You will not be able to click on buttons or see drop downs, but you will see the overall look and feel. In over 95% of our meetings, the rough draft is approved in the first meeting. Our goal for approval purposes is to be about 90% there in terms of having the look and feel that you want. We can always make changes throughout the process.
Step #6 – Your Conversion Preview
Your Marketing Call #1
Brian will show you how your website is going to work. You will start to see drop down menus, roll over effects, and some of the content integrated into the website.

You will also meet with your Marketing Account Manager, Stephanie Bieniek. Stephanie will be managing your online marketing and helping drive more of your ideal prospects to your website. During this call, she will give you an overview of how we typically advertise online. She will also ask you questions so we can create customized ads for you.
Step #7 – SEO Tagging
Our lead content writer, Cassie Riccio-Berry, and our SEO team will integrate keywords for SEO purposes to help improve your overall rankings with Google.
Step #8 – Your Website Preview With Content Integrated
Your Marketing Call #2
Your Go Live Call
Brian will present your website to you and send you the link to your website for you to review. All content will be integrated.

In the second part of this call, you will meet with Stephanie so she can show you the customized ads we have built. She will also email you the ads after the call for you to review further.

The third part of this call will be with your Go Live Specialist and our Chief Operations Architect, Dave Costello. Dave will go over the process to minimize downtime when you are ready to have your website go live.
Step #9 – Polishing
You will work with Brian typically via email to have us make any final modifications to your website.
Step #10 – Your Website Goes Live
Yay! Your Jimmy Marketing website is now live!
Step #11 – Quality Assurance Device Testing
Our Quality Assurance Specialist, Christopher Berry, tests how your site looks on an iPad, iPad mini, MacBook, desktop, and multiple phones, and he fixes any formatting issues. With more than 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices, your site must look and function great on a mobile device.
Step #12 – Your Ads & Tracking System Go Live
Stephanie will now make your ads live and turn on our tracking system simultaneously.
Step #13 – Split Test, SEO, Tracking & Marketing Optimization For 3 Months
Stephanie will monitor your ads and update you throughout the month. You will have a call with her each month to go over your results and help us identify what modifications we should make based on your feedback and the data we present to you. Stephanie will also make recommendations to you. We will continue to perform SEO on your website and off of your website. We will also listen to all incoming calls from the tracking system and categorize them as leads that turned into appointments, leads that didn’t turn into appointments, non-lead calls, missed calls, or existing client/patient calls.
Step #14 – You Pick A Plan Or Turn Over The Keys To You
After we have managed your ads for three months, you can choose to retain us to continue managing your ads, performing SEO, listening & categorizing your calls, making recommendations based on the data, and updating your website as needed. Over 98% of our clients have chosen to retain us after the initial three months. However, we can also turn the keys over you and give you full control of all of your ads and website.
We helped Dr. Burleson go from $25,000 per month in production from Google to over $175,000 per month as of May 2019.
“Anyone can build you a beautiful website, but to find someone who knows direct response marketing too, that is very rare.”
dr burleson headshot
Dr. Burleson
Quotes from Clients
jimmy marketing review from milwaukee foot specialists
"Since working with Jimmy Marketing we have seen over a 65% increase in new patients from the web."

Dr. Chris Milkie Podiatrist in Milwaukee, WI
best ct marketing company
jimmy marketing review from reagan homes
"Jimmy Marketing has helped us generate millions of dollars of new business that we otherwise would have not gotten without their help."

Dave Reagan Custom Home Builder & Remodeler in Mystic, CT
best ct marketing company
jimmy marketing review from loberg dental
"Jimmy, Have u ever heard of a little kid say " I hit it out of the park"? That's what we r doing now and just wanted to say a million thanks - for the first time I can confidently say...it works!"

-Dr Leif Loberg, Dentist in Laguna Hills, CA
best ct marketing company
jimmy marketing review from music city plastic surgery
"We have definitely seen an increase in new patients from the web since launching our new Jimmy Marketing Website."

-Dr. Michael Burgdorf, Plastic Surgeon in Nashville, TN
best ct marketing company
jimmy marketing review from bruce crawford st petersburg periodontist
"I wanted unique. I want to be marketed differently than traditional dentists. You made recording two webinars extremely easy. Your team made getting our new website live easy. Your quality of content has also helped us build trust for our potential patients as well as differentiate us. Our new Jimmy Marketing website helps us attract more new patients from the web."

-Dr. Bruce Crawford, Periodontist in St. Petersburg, FL
best ct marketing company
jimmy marketing review from riccio beletsky
"We have been able to attract more cases that we otherwise wouldn't have gotten it wasn't for our web efforts with Jimmy Marketing."

-Art Riccio, Attorney in East Haven, CT
best ct marketing company
More Success Stories From Clients
Meeting Your Marketing Dream Team
Below you will find some of the Jimmy Marketing team members you may interact with, should you decide to work with Jimmy Marketing.
  • jimmy nicholas jimmy marketing
    Founder & CEO
    In 1997, at 15 years old Jimmy sold his first website to a local business. Today, he leads the Jimmy Marketing team to help orthodontists attract more of their ideal patients.
  • dave costello jimmy marketing
    Chief Operations Architect &
    Go Live Specialist

    Dave helps lead the Jimmy Marketing team and helps clients with the go live process to minimize downtime.
  • darren jimmy marketing
    Marketing Advisor
    Darren advises orthodontists on the best plan of action to attract more ideal patients from the web.
  • brian santoro jimmy marketing
    Website Marketing Specialist
    Brian leads the website development team and is the main point of contact during the website creation phase.
  • tia chiacchia jimmy marketing
    Marketing Account Manager
    Tia is a marketing specialist. She is the main point of contact between her clients and the Jimmy Marketing team during the marketing phase.
  • christina barshel jimmy marketing
    Marketing Account Manager
    Christina is a marketing specialist. She is the main point of contact between her clients and the Jimmy Marketing team during the marketing phase.
  • shannon jimmy marketing
    Marketing Account Manager
    Shannon is a marketing specialist. She is the main point of contact between her clients and the Jimmy Marketing team during the marketing phase.
  • robyn jimmy marketing
    Marketing Account Manager
    Robyn is a marketing specialist. She is the main point of contact between her clients and the Jimmy Marketing team during the marketing phase.
  • robyn jimmy marketing
    Marketing Account Manager
    Stephanie is a marketing specialist. She is the main point of contact between her clients and the Jimmy Marketing team during the marketing phase.
  • sabrina burner jimmy marketing
    SEO Team Leader
    Sabrina leads our SEO team to help rank your website higher on Google.
  • jason solarz jimmy marketing
    Website Marketing & Infusionsoft Certified Partner
    Jason assists in the content integration phase for new website and manages website updates for our existing client’s websites.
  • jennifer nicholas jimmy marketing
    Information Auditor Team Leader
    Jennifer leads the information auditing team who listen and categorize all of our clients calls through our tracking system.
  • rajat ghai jimmy marketing
    Automation Specialist & Director of Innovation
    Rajat helps automate many of our calculations & reporting. He is also constantly researching what new tasks we should be implementing for our orthodontic clients to help improve their SEO rankings and attract more new patients from the web.
Our Team Is Also Certified
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GKIC Marketer of the Year Winner
Jimmy Nicholas was awarded GKIC Marketer of the Year.
GKIC is the world’s largest direct response marketing
organization, which is led by Dan Kennedy.

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jimmy marketing awards
Jimmy Marketing Has Been Seen On

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Below you will find a few of the websites we have designed. We have many more available upon request.

Note: You will see similarities among these websites. The elements are on the page because we have analyzed the data, conducted numerous video usability tests with potential prospects, and determined which elements are the most critical to get your phone to ring. That being said, we only work with one orthodontist in a given market, so there won’t be multiple versions of the Jimmy Marketing Website Blueprint in the same market. We always customize your website to leverage your uniqueness.
dr dustin burleson
jimmy marketing review from milwaukee foot specialists
jimmy marketing review from reagan homes
dr loberg
jimmy marketing review from premier orthodontics
music plastic surgery
jimmy marketing review from st petersburg periodontist dr bruce crawford
jimmy marketing review from riccio beletsky
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TV Interviews with Jimmy Nicholas

Emmy-award-winning Leeza Gibbons interviews Jimmy Nicholas. Learn why Leeza said Jimmy Marketing is America’s Most Trusted Marketing Team.
Kevin Harrington, the original shark from ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank, interviews Jimmy. Learn why Kevin said Jimmy Marketing websites perform especially well for doctors.
Exclusivity Check

Because of the nature of our 3-step system we implement we only work
with one client per industry type in a market.
Enter your physical address below to see the distance between your
location and the nearest client with whom we are working.
If you have more than one location, remember to use
this form multiple times to check each of your locations.
100% Money-Back Guarantee

iron clad money back guarantee at jimmy marketingAt Jimmy Marketing, we are so confident in our system's ability to predictably attract new prospects from the web that we back it up with our Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our guarantee comes in two parts – website design and advertising management.
  • Website Guarantee – This is the website design portion of our guarantee. Up until your website goes live, if at any point you don't want to continue, you can simply ask for your money back, and we will give you a full refund.
  • Advertising Management Guarantee – For 3 full months, we are testing, tweaking, using call tracking system, and giving you the results. At the end of 3 months, if you want to part ways and you don't feel satisfied with the results we provided, simply ask for your money back and we will refund your market managing. While we cannot ask Facebook, Google, and other advertising platforms to refund what you paid them for advertising, we will refund 100% of what you paid us for advertising management.
In order to ensure our guarantee to you, we take the time to interview you at the same time that you are interviewing us. If we don't think we can produce results for you, we will tell you plainly and up front. Our ultimate goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with the service and results that you receive from Jimmy Marketing, and we will never waste your time with a marketing service that doesn't fit your needs.
Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be pitched on the Website Stress Test Results Call with Darren?
Absolutely, not! This call is 100% content for your benefit, with Darren explaining to you why many of your potential patients are going to your competitor instead of your practice. At the end of the call, if you want to learn more about hiring Jimmy Marketing, you can schedule a second call with Darren. Rest assured, you don’t need to bring a credit card to the website stress test results call!

How much does it cost to hire Jimmy Marketing?
After your website stress test results call with Darren, if you want to learn about hiring Jimmy Marketing, you will schedule a second call with Darren. On that call, Darren will discuss pricing with you in detail.

At Jimmy Marketing, our team maintains our high retention rate, because we live up to our brand promise for our clients – Exceptional Service and Exceptional Results.

I just redid my website. Do I have to redo it again to work with Jimmy Marketing?
Not necessarily. We will take a look at your website and see if we can use all or some of it so you don’t have to throw away everything you just did. Most often, we will definitely have to make modifications at a minimum to help you attract the most new patients from the web.

Who pays for the advertising?
While we manage all of your online marketing, we have you pay the advertisers directly. This ensures you know we aren’t marking up any of the ads. Additionally, this also ensures you can easily take over managing your advertising accounts yourself.

If I hire Jimmy Marketing, how many new patients can I expect?
This is a great question! If we had the crystal ball for this answer we would certainly use it. However, with all marketing, we need to test. Some clients experience amazing success right away; others it takes more optimization time. We do offer the 2-part money-back guarantee to take some of the risk off of you and put our own skin the game. You will get honest results and 110% effort by our team. We don’t put in 300+ hours of work in the first three months of our relationship together for you to get your money-back. We are looking for long-term relationships.

How much work is required of me?
We do 98% of the work for you. We do need your input throughout the process by having you attend some live calls and webinars with our Jimmy Marketing team. Additionally, the more assets you can provide, the better your results will be. Our clients typically need to put in about 10 hours on the website design process (spread out over a couple of months) and then about an hour per month with our marketing specialist when the ads are live.