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Thank You

Thank you for scheduling your marketing strategy call with our top marketing advisor!

You do not need to prepare anything for your call with our advisor. Just bring an open mind and a paper and pen to take notes. This phone call will be 100% content that we are sharing with you.

In addition to discussing your strategy and answering your questions, our advisor will share some of our research with you in terms of what your competitors are doing when it comes to online marketing, some of the best keywords you should be leveraging as well the results of a series of tests we will put your website through.

Many of the people we have previously talked to wanted to learn more about Jimmy Marketing before their call. The resources on this page will help you learn more about our process and how ultimately we may be able to help you. Again, your phone call is not a sales pitch from us; you can leave your credit card in your wallet. Our goals are to educate you on why many of your potential ideal prospects are going to your competitor, provide a web marketing strategy for you and to answer any questions about web marketing you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be pitched on the Website Stress Test Results Call?
Absolutely, not! This call is 100% content for your benefit, with the advisor explaining to you why many of your potential patients are going to your competitor instead of your practice. At the end of the call, if you want to learn more about hiring Jimmy Marketing, you can schedule a second call with  our advisor. Rest assured, you don’t need to bring a credit card to the website stress test results call!

How much does it cost to hire Jimmy Marketing?
After your website stress test results call, if you want to learn about hiring Jimmy Marketing, you will schedule a second call. On that call, our advisor will discuss pricing with you in detail.

At Jimmy Marketing, our team maintains our high retention rate, because we live up to our brand promise for our clients – Exceptional Service and Exceptional Results.

I just redid my website. Do I have to redo it again to work with Jimmy Marketing?
Not necessarily. We will take a look at your website and see if we can use all or some of it so you don’t have to throw away everything you just did. Most often, we will definitely have to make modifications at a minimum to help you attract the most new patients from the web.

Who pays for the advertising?
While we manage all of your online marketing, we have you pay the advertisers directly. This ensures you know we aren’t marking up any of the ads. Additionally, this also ensures you can easily take over managing your advertising accounts yourself.

If I hire Jimmy Marketing, how many new patients can I expect?
This is a great question! If we had the crystal ball for this answer we would certainly use it. However, with all marketing, we need to test. Some clients experience amazing success right away; others it takes more optimization time. We do offer the 2-part money-back guarantee to take some of the risk off of you and put our own skin the game. You will get honest results and 110% effort by our team. We don’t put in 300+ hours of work in the first three months of our relationship together for you to get your money-back. We are looking for long-term relationships.

How much work is required of me?
We do 98% of the work for you. We do need your input throughout the process by having you attend some live calls and webinars with our Jimmy Marketing team. Additionally, the more assets you can provide, the better your results will be. Our clients typically need to put in about 10 hours on the website design process (spread out over a couple of months) and then about an hour per month with our marketing specialist when the ads are live.