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Dentist Online Marketing Expert Asks: Are You Overlooking a Critical Source of Revenue?

Missed Phone Calls: What You Need to Know

dentist online marketing phone callsAccording to Jimmy Nicholas, our dentist online marketing guru and founder of Jimmy Marketing, even with today’s focus on reaching clients or customers through online communication channels, the “old fashioned” telephone is still an important source of potential business. Keep reading to learn why!

Assess Your Current Strategy

Before you can fully assess the effectiveness of your communication strategy, the first step in dentist online marketing is to monitor and measure how your telephone calls are currently handled by your business. Jimmy Nicholas says that many dentists have dropped monitoring their phones and don’t realize what percentage of calls goes unanswered.

Our Research Reveals Surprising Data

As part of our digital marketing services available to clients, we monitor incoming phone calls and provide valuable data to dentists who want to evaluate both their online and offline communication strategies. According to Jimmy Nicholas, over the past year alone, we listened to over 12,000 new patients calls, noting that as much as 55% of patient calls go answered. This translates to an average of 13% of missed calls per dental practice.

In addition, recent statistics compiled by Forbes Magazine show that 80% of callers sent to voice mail do not leave messages, because they assume no one will listen to them. In today’s competitive marketplace with customers demanding instant gratification, small businesses can’t afford to ignore ANY phone calls, advises our dentist online marketing expert.

The Value of Reaching a Live Operator

Jimmy Nicholas says clients need to consider answering phone calls both before and after normal business hours. While most orthodontic offices close at 5 pm, our data shows that calls continue to come in until about 8:30 PM. “Picture the mom who finally gets around to calling the dentist office at 7:30 pm,” suggests Jimmy. “Think about how much you stand out over your local competitor, simply by answering the phone!”

While of course not every missed phone call is a new client, we have also estimated the lost revenue of NOT answering the phone, for an average dentist. Our data indicates that if a dentist misses 50 calls per month, computing even a low average treatment cost of $300 could mean as much as $15,000 dollars of lost revenue. Plus, if your practice specializes in higher priced care such as Invisalign or dental implants, you could actually be losing revenue in the hundreds of thousands!

How Can Jimmy Marketing Help Your Bottom Line with Dentist Online Marketing?

We are pleased to disclose that our clients who quickly responded to our important “missed calls” data now report back that decreasing the number of missed calls has resulted in more than twice the number of new patient appointments booked.

Don’t lose potential patients to your competitor! Ask Jimmy Marketing about how we can help your practice prosper. Click here to schedule an appointment with our top marketing advisor today. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Jimmy Nicholas of Jimmy Marketing is an award-winning online marketer who advises and assists with online marketing for dentists and other medical professionals. Do you want to learn more about how Jimmy Marketing can help grow your dental practice? Click here to arrange a time to speak with our lead marketing advisor. We form exclusive client relationships by working with only one niche per service area, so contact us before your competitor does!

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