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Discovery & Asset Gathering Form


We are incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to partner with you to build and grow your marketing strategy! We’re committed to your success and are anxious to get started!

General Workflow


We will start with “Discovery”, using the form below and a follow-up meeting (Scheduled by your Account Strategist & Website Project Manager). We will be asking a lot of questions to determine the best marketing strategy customized for your business needs.

Design & Build

Once the Discovery Form & Call are complete, we will compile all your resources together and design the initial build of your website and schedule a call with you to review. On this call, you will also have the first meeting regarding your marketing strategy.

Finalize Strategy

As the website is nearing completion, we will share the development link with you to review all content and images. If there are any tweaks or changes you would like to make, this is the time and place to do it! We will finalize all your requests as timely as possible to prepare for the launch phase.

At the same time, your marketing materials and strategy will be complete. Your marketing manager will also review and request your feedback. Any feedback that you may have will be considered and adjusted accordingly.

Implement Strategy

Now things get really exciting! It’s time to launch your site!

Adjust & Scale(Run)

After you site launches, we’re not done! Over the next few months we’ll be hyper focused on optimizing your site and marketing strategy, finding that “sweet spot” to get you the best possible results!

Getting Started

To get started, we need to get to know you, your business and your patient needs. We also want to be respectful of your time and make this as easy as possible based on your busy schedule. We use the form below to start capturing foundational information, assets and critical details needed to provide you with a results-driven marketing strategy.

You or a member of your staff can complete the form at your convenience. You can even take a break in completing the form. Just select the [Save and Continue Later] button, enter your email address and you will be sent a quick link to continue where you left off.

This is an important step for the success of your project, so do your best! If you are unsure of anything, leave it blank and it will be covered during your initial discovery call with Brian Santoro.

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