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How to Measure Marketing Results – Advice from Jimmy Marketing

With all the data we can capture today from consumers online, there is no reason or room for guesswork when it comes to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) before you run your campaign, then measuring results afterward allows you to see what works – and what doesn’t work. Our online marketing expert gives you some advice on how to measure marketing results, using the most common KPIs.

Return on Investment (ROI)

How much did it cost to get that sale? ROI measures the sales revenue your marketing brings in for every dollar you spent. One of the best KPIs because it also measures the quality of leads produced by your campaign.

Cost of Each Sale

Measures the expense of each sale. Divide your budget by the number of sales generated to get this KPI.

Cost of Each Lead

What was the cost-effectiveness of your campaign? Divide your marketing budget by the number of leads generated from it to measure the cost per lead.

Conversion Rate

How many leads did your marketing campaign produce? If 5,000 people engaged with your campaign and 50 became customers, your conversion rate is 1%. The conversion rate also applies to traffic on your website.

Incremental Sales

Did a customer purchase or sign up for more than what you were originally offering? If so, you just experienced incremental sales, a great way to measure how effective your campaign was in producing sales.

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