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Facebook Features Useful to Businesses

When running a business, one of the big tasks you have to complete is figure out how to reach your customers. While you can always use traditional marketing methods like television, radio or print ads, many businesses want to get a little bit more creative. One way to reach your customers is to get involved in social networking. The biggest social networking site in the world as Facebook, so it only makes sense to develop a presence there. Here are a few Facebook features that may be useful to your business.

Facebook Ads

One of the most useful features that you’ll find on Facebook is Facebook advertising. With this program, you can market to people based on their interests and demographic information. Facebook keeps track of an immense amount of information about individuals, and you can use this information to your advantage if you are an advertiser. With this type of marketing, you can set your daily budget, and play with ads, in addition to only marketing to certain groups.

Facebook Pages

While individual users have the ability to set up their own profiles on Facebook, businesses have the option of setting up a “Fan Page.” With these pages, you can tell your story to potential customers, and interact directly with them. You can share blog posts, videos, photos, links, and status updates with the people who “Like” your page.

Facebook Marketing Page

The Facebook Marketing Page is a page that is administered by the Facebook team itself. If you are interested in marketing on Facebook, this is a page for you to subscribe to with your own profile. This particular page makes it easy to get access to the latest updates about Facebook marketing. If you want to know all about the new advancements in the industry, and with Facebook in general, this is a great page to subscribe to.

Cover Photo

The Facebook Timeline feature is an update that has received a fair amount of attention in recent months. With the Timeline comes the cover photo. The cover photo is the big image at the top of Timelines. With this cover photo, you can get people’s attention right away. Take the time to create a really great cover photo, to make sure that you create a professional look for your customers to see.

Use some of these tools to take your Facebook marketing efforts to the next level. You may be surprised at the difference that they can make.

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