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How Should My Small Business Be Using Twitter?

Small businesses can get a lot of value out of a product like Twitter. However, it can also hurt your business if not used properly. What are some ways your business can maximize the effectiveness of this social media platform?


Thank Your Customers

Take a few minutes to recognize your customers. Send a shout-out to the vendor who just purchased 1,000 units from you yesterday. Post a tweet recognizing your 10 highest spending customers in the last quarter. Taking the time to thank people will go a long way toward keeping them loyal to your brand.


Let People Know What Your Up To

Post a picture of your company van zipping around town. Roving businesses can alert customers to its location before setting up. For example, an ice cream truck driver can announce when he will be in a particular neighborhood. The kids will be lining up before you even get to your destination.


Connect With Affiliates

Send out information regarding your affiliate marketing program. Having affiliates market for you can really increase sales. Use Twitter to give details about what it takes to be an affiliate for your company. People may not even realize you have such a program until they see your Tweet. It can be a great way to increase awareness of potential marketing opportunities.


Network With Other Businesses

Communicating with other businesses will give your company a chance to network. Networking is the backbone of any successful company. Getting to know other business leaders will create new relationships. These relationships can lead to new promotional and marketing opportunities. It may even lead to new customers as well.

There are many good ways to use Twitter for your business. Saying thank you, creating new relationships and keeping the public aware of your activities are three great reasons to use Twitter. Spending just a few minutes a day keeping tabs on your account can significantly grow your business.

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