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Jimmy Marketing Celebrates – New No. 1 Book to Help Small and Start-Up Businesses

James “Jimmy” Nicholas has a new office location to celebrate as well as the successful launch of his new book, Small Business Marketing, Your Ultimate Guide, Hitting #1 in One Week.

March 28, 2013, Waterford, CT: James “Jimmy” Nicholas has a lot to celebrate. His office has moved to a new location, both he and his new office have a new look, his business is growing, and he has just written his first book, Small Business Marketing, Your Ultimate Guide, which has moved up on Amazon to #1 in Direct Marketing for Kindle, #1 in Direct Marketing for Books, and #1 in Small Business Marketing.

Achieving this type of sales success in ONE WEEK on Amazon in both Kindle and book sales in the Marketing category is indicative of the value of the content.

“This is the kind of business marketing guide that I wish had been around when I started my business,” says James ‘Jimmy’ Nicholas, marketing expert and now author. “I saw a need for a book like this, to help give small businesses and startups, focus and direct strategies that they can implement some internally or some with the help of a professional. These are all strategies that every small business owner in the 21st Century needs to be aware of. This book simplifies complex strategies such as social media and retargeting. Like anything, once readers understand these complex strategies, they can then apply it to their own strategic planning.” Nicholas writes in a way that puts these overwhelming strategies into simple, plain English for small business owners. And there are so many start-ups today, that a book like this should be an essential part of their business ‘tool kit’.

“A lot of business owners have come to me for advice and information on what they should do in their marketing. One of the easiest ways to help people that you know and even those who you don’t, is to have your thoughts down in writing, and many have said that I should write a book,” says Jimmy. “In terms of our mission, which is simply to ‘help organizations grow and succeed’, I felt it was imperative that I put my advice into one cohesive book. This advice is from my experiences over the years, where I have learned a great deal, and my travels all across the world. This book is a guide to small business owners from startup to owners of $25 million businesses, where they can learn about both old and new marketing techniques that work, and save time, money and struggle.”

Today, marketing has changed. There are new strategies because of the Internet, but there are also traditional marketing venues that are still very useful. Blending the two with the ultimate marketing tool, which is personalized video books that are mailed to specific individuals, couples direct mail and personalization with one piece. Sending a prospect or client a personalized video book can be extremely successful in marketing, whether you offer a service or a tangible product.

Jimmy wants to serve as many small business owners ‘out there’ as he can, and he wrote this affordable, complete guide on small business marketing to help people grow and succeed in their small business. “I have been so fortunate to travel the world, meeting and learning from some of the top marketing and mind-set experts, such as Dan Kennedy and Lee Milteer, and felt it was time to put what I have learned together in this easy-to-understand guide. This book will help three main groups of people: startup business owners, even a one-person operation, the seasoned business owner that is looking for new strategies and possibly revisiting traditional strategies to improve their overall marketing and ultimately their revenues and profits, and other marketers so they can help their clients with ways of mixing traditional and new strategies. The readers will learn strategies they can implement in their businesses, but specifically, how to attract website visitors cost-effectively and convert them into leads, and convert those leads into actual clients. Additionally, I discuss traditional strategies, like Yellow Pages and Direct Mail as well as newer strategies such as retargeting, social media and live chat. It is important today to mix your marketing channels with old and new; again blending the two with the ultimate marketing tool which is personalized video book, mailing to specific individuals, actually couples direct mail and personalization all in one piece.”

In 1997, at fifteen years old, Jimmy started his web design company when he sold and built his first website to a local jewelry store. His mission of helping organizations grow and succeed has allowed him to help thousands of small business owners throughout the world.
His new office location is still in Waterford, CT. “I was born in Waterford, I live in Waterford with my wife Jennifer, my office has been in Waterford for over 15 years, and I wanted my business to stay in my home town. But it was time to expand to a new, larger office space, and this location was perfect for what we needed,” Jimmy shares. And the new look for his office is new furniture and décor. But more significant to notice is that Jimmy has lost 50 pounds! “My business is growing, I have a lot of people that need help out there, and so I needed to lose some weight so I could keep up my energy levels!”
He successfully owns and operates Jimmy Marketing, www.JimmyMarketing.com and his reputation management system www.DentistReviewAccelerator.com. These divisions serve clients all over the world in the areas of web design, marketing fulfillment, consulting, coaching, and reputation management. Outside of work, you might catch him on the links, as he loves golf.

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