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Book Yourself Solid Series

In each of these respective books, you will learn proven methods designed to help you see 100% more new patients, explode your practice growth, and grow your net income. You will also learn industry secrets including:

  • Discover firsthand how your competition is stealing from you
  • Finally break free from your reliance on referrals from dentists
  • See with your own eyes the biggest lie ever told by Google SEO & Adwords experts
  • Find out how many patients you lost to your competition last week
  • Discover how a small percentage of orthodontists will thrive & boost their net incomes
  • And More!

Small Business Marketing: Your Ultimate Guide

An overview of simple and powerful marketing strategies, this best-selling book will teach you how to:

  • Establish your goals & mission
  • Identify what a customer is worth
  • Create a marketing plan with a marketing calendar
  • Build your brand
  • Attract website traffic cost-effectively
  • Convert website visitors into leads
  • Implement live chat as one in every three chatters buy
  • Retarget unconverted website visitors leads with retargeting
  • Utilize social media marketing to increase sales
  • Utilize direct mail systems that get through the clutter
  • Utilize public relations for free advertising
  • Integrate online media with traditional media
  • Finalize your marketing plan & take action
  • And more!
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Marketer of the Year

In an interview with Jimmy Nicholas and Walter Bergeron, both winners of the coveted GKIC Marketer of the Year award, you’ll learn how they won Marketer of the Year from the world’s largest direct response marketing organization, GKIC. You’ll also discover the below easy-to-implement marketing tidbits to help you with your own business or practice:

  • What they have been up to since winning marketer of the year
  • Why they competed for marketer of the year
  • When they decided to compete for marketer of the year
  • How they prepared for marketer of the year
  • Were they nervous or scared?
  • How Lee Milteer & Peak Performers impacted the outcome of winning Marketer of the Year for both of them
  • What they would tell someone who is thinking about being a marketer of the year in their own business or the competition?
  • What has happened as a result of winning marketer of the year?
  • And More!
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