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Successful Marketing for Podiatrists Reaches 98% of Local Internet Users

Jimmy Marketing’s Expertise Can Boost Your Online Presence

marketing-for-podiatrists-boost-online-presenceAccording to our team of professionals who are highly knowledgeable about marketing for podiatrists, local display advertising is the easiest way to reach your ideal target audience. Research indicates that about 79% of the population in the U.S. is online – these are potential patients, customers, or clients of all different age groups. Jimmy Marketing knows how crucial it is for small, local businesses to grab this opportunity to advertise their own products and services online.

Jimmy Marketing offers clients an exclusive opportunity to participate in online advertising to successfully enhance marketing for podiatrists and other health care professionals. In fact, online display advertising has been found to be one of the most effective ways to improve a business brand. Here are some advantages of local online display advertising for your small business or medical practice:

1) Increases Website Visitation

According to our experts in charge of marketing for podiatrists, recent studies indicate online display advertising increases a company’s website traffic by 300%! As more and more online users become aware of your product or services, this in turn significantly impacts the number of online leads you need to effectively grow your practice.

2) Improves Brand Awareness

Your local online display advertisement is a sure way to increase your company’s brand awareness to the ever-growing pool of Internet users, says our team strategizing marketing for podiatrists. Even if users have not used the product or service advertised by your company, your online ad increases brand awareness by about 63% – even after they navigate away from your site or go offline.

3) Boosts Conversion Rates

Marketing for podiatrists or other medical providers can easily harness the power of online display advertising techniques. In fact, a recent marketing study concluded that every 10,000 people who view an online display ad will result in a conversion rate of 160 people or higher. At Jimmy Marketing, we carefully monitor any and all activity associated with your local display advertisement, so you are able to track and measure your progress with detailed data reports.

Want to Learn More About Marketing for Podiatrists? Jimmy Marketing Can Help!

Our expert team at Jimmy Marketing advises and assists with marketing for podiatrists, orthodontists, podiatrists, and other medical professionals. Click here to arrange a time to speak with our lead marketing advisor. We form exclusive client relationships by working with only one niche per service area, so contact us before your competitor does.

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