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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for more information about Jimmy Marketing prior to our call?

We’ve got you covered, below are the most frequently asked questions to provide you with additional information.

How much does it cost to hire Jimmy Marketing?

At Jimmy Marketing, our team maintains a high retention rate, because we live up to our brand promise to our clients – Exceptional Service and Exceptional Results. After your marketing strategy call, we will connect with you to schedule a follow-up call to discuss pricing to meet your practices’ digital marketing needs.

I just launched a new website. Do I have to redo my website to work with Jimmy Marketing?

Not necessarily. We will take a look at your website and see what we can use so you don’t have to throw away everything you just created. Most often, we will make modifications to help you attract ideal patients through your website and digital marketing.

Who pays for the advertising?

While we manage all of your online marketing, you will pay the advertisers directly to ensure full transparency on ad spends.

If I hire Jimmy Marketing, how many new patients can I expect?

This is a great question! If we had a crystal ball for this answer we would certainly use it. However, there are a lot of factors to consider, including location, competitive landscape, your product offerings, goals and budget.We do offer a 2-part money-back guarantee to take some of the risk off of you and ensure that we are proving our value. When working with Jimmy Marketing you will get honest results and 110% effort by our team. We put in 300+ hours of work in the first three months of our relationship together to foster long-term relationships with our clients.

How much work is required of me?

We do 98% of the work for you. We do need your input throughout the process through live strategy and content review calls and webinars with our Jimmy Marketing team. Additionally, the more assets you can provide, the better your results will be. Our clients typically spend about 10 hours on the website design process (spread out over a couple of months) and then about an hour per month with our marketing specialist when the ads are live.