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Dear Event Coordinator,

I have a strong passion for helping people. Moreover, I have a huge desire for helping private practice owners thrive and create their own economy no matter what their situation is. I have found speaking to be one of the easiest, simplest, and most rewarding ways to help more entrepreneurs.

I have been blessed to speak at venues from Harvard to San Diego, and all over the world. I have shared stages with Emmitt Smith, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Joe Theismann, and other marketing experts. I want to bring the same knowledge and passion to your members!

I am committed to helping your members increase their prosperity and ultimately gain more freedom by teaching and arming them with innovative marketing strategies. Additionally, I am ready to support your organization’s vision as well as provide an educational platform that reflects your mission.

In short, I GUARANTEE you will be extremely happy with the results and I will strive to make your program the BEST! I love making you look good and your organization extremely happy! I look forward to working with you and welcome the opportunity to speak at your next event!

Jimmy Nicholas is available for:

  • Television, radio, and podcast interviews
  • Expert commentary
  • Radio & television host
  • Magazine articles
  • Newsletter content
  • Speaking

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media & speaking requests for jimmy

Jimmy Speaking at Harvard University

Why Have Jimmy Speak at Your Event?

Jimmy Nicholas Bio (46 Words)

Jimmy Nicholas is the founder of Jimmy Marketing.  Jimmy Marketing helps clients predictably attract more ideal prospects from the web by implementing his proven 3-step system. Jimmy is a best-selling author, speaker, consultant and award-winning entrepreneur. To learn more about Jimmy and Jimmy Marketing visit www.JimmyMarketing.com.

Jimmy Nicholas Bio (289 Words)

Jimmy started in the marketing industry in 1997 when he was still in high school. At just 15 years old, Jimmy sold his first website to a local business, and this became his first step into the fascinating world of online marketing. At the same time that Jimmy was dedicating himself to high school classes and then college courses, he simultaneously built up his own web design and web hosting business, sharpening his skills and expertise in the field of marketing.

In 2003, Jimmy graduated from Bryant University and he diversified by becoming a full-service marketing company. Over the next eight years, Jimmy accumulated considerable expertise and experience in numerous facets of online marketing.

In 2011, he took one of the most exciting steps in his career and founded Jimmy Marketing. Since Jimmy Marketing’s inception, Jimmy and his team have helped numerous small business owners, doctors, dentists, and orthodontists to push their own businesses or practices to brand new levels of prosperity. Jimmy Marketing helps clients predictably attract more ideal prospects from the web by implementing his proven 3-step system.

Jimmy has won many awards for his exceptional marketing strategy and 6-star customer service, including the highly coveted and prestigious 2013 Marketer of the Year Award from GKIC, the world’s largest direct response marketing organization, led by Dan Kennedy.

Jimmy has published multiple best-selling books on marketing, and he is also an award-winning speaker. Jimmy regularly attends marketing conferences around the world to remain up to date on new marketing technologies and techniques, as well.

Outside of work, Jimmy loves to golf, boat, travel, and – most importantly – spend time with his wife, Jennifer, and son, Carter.

You can learn more about Jimmy Nicholas and Jimmy Marketing by visiting www.JimmyMarketing.com.


  • Dan Kennedy & GKIC* 2013 Marketer of the Year
  • Best Selling Author – #1 On Amazon (Twice)
  • 2003 Bryant Student Entrepreneur of the Year
  • 2003 New England Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Platinum Eagle Award Winner – PMC Network**

*GKIC is the world’s largest direct response marketing organization, led by Dan Kennedy.
**The PMC Network is the number one international marketing network in the world.


  • Power Marketing Consultant
  • GKIC Academy
  • Google Agency Partner
  • Infusionsoft (KEAP) Certified
  • Google Ads Certified
  • Facebook Ads Certified

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