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Meet The Founder, James Nicholas

20+ Years of Experience Providing Exceptional Service & Results

James “Jimmy” Nicholas has a strong passion for helping people and exceeding expectations, and he has instilled this mindset into the culture at Jimmy Marketing. Jimmy and his team get most excited when clients call or send an email thanking them for their help, especially when they learn a client is adding another associate to their practice or is building another location as a result of Jimmy Marketing’s assistance.

At 15 Years Old, Jimmy Entered the World of Online Marketing

Jimmy started in the marketing industry in 1997 when he was still in high school. At just 15 years old, Jimmy sold his first website to a local business, and this became his first step into the fascinating world of online marketing. At the same time that Jimmy was dedicating himself to high school classes and then college courses, he was building his own web design and web hosting business, sharpening his skills and expertise in the field of marketing.

In 2003, Jimmy graduated from Bryant University. With college being finished, he now had the time to focus fully on marketing. He, therefore, took the opportunity to diversify into a full-service marketing company. Over the next eight years, Jimmy accumulated considerable expertise and experience in numerous facets of online marketing. In 2011, he took one of the most exciting steps in his career and founded Jimmy Marketing.

meet the founder james nicholas

Award-Winning Marketing Strategy, 2013 Marketer of the Year Award

Since Jimmy Marketing’s inception, Jimmy and his team have helped numerous small business owners, dentists, orthodontists, audiologists, and other doctors as they push their own businesses or practices to brand new levels of prosperity. Jimmy has won many awards for his exceptional marketing strategy and 6-star customer service, including the highly coveted and prestigious 2013 Marketer of the Year Award from GKIC, the world’s largest direct response marketing organization, led by Dan Kennedy.

Proudest Accomplishment … Our Marketing Team

Jimmy’s pride in his marketing team is best expressed in his own words: “One of my proudest accomplishments is that, as we have helped more and more clients, I’ve been able to expand Jimmy Marketing and allow my team members to specialize in their own respective areas. I love to lead these incredible people and continue to train them. It’s amazing, looking back, to see how my team today produces better work by far than when Jimmy Marketing was a small operation of just a couple of people. To look back on how we’ve grown fills me with such pride. The people who make up the Jimmy Marketing dream team are efficient, skillfully talented, and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. I love that I can count on them to do exceptional work so I can continue to focus on developing additional marketing strategies to benefit our clients.”

Best-Selling Marketing Books & Award-Winning Speaker

Jimmy has published multiple best-selling books on marketing, and he is also an award-winning speaker. Jimmy regularly attends marketing conferences around the world to remain up-to-date on new marketing technologies and techniques, as well.

Outside of work, Jimmy loves to golf, boat, travel, and – most importantly – spend time with his wife, Jennifer, and son, Carter.