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Online Marketing Expert Explains When You Shouldn’t Advertise

online marketing expertA website is a huge investment that requires certain standards to be met in order for it to be successful, according to online marketing expert Jimmy Nicholas. In today’s world, there’s no shortage of online companies promising you a website for cheap, but what you’re usually left with is a generic site that’s indistinguishable from your competition. This obviously creates problems when your audience is searching for you, be it organically or through ads.

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Although online ads are crucial for successful marketing, before you sink your dollars into online ads and promotions, make sure your website has what it takes to produce a substantial return on your investment. Take a look at the following:

Does Your Website Pass the Logo Test?

It’s important to make your website unique and specific to your company. That’s why our online marketing expert recommends doing the website logo test to ensure you’ve accomplished this goal. The test involves two basic steps:

  1. Visualize removing your company name and logo from your website and replacing it with your competitor’s logo and name.
  2. With your competitor’s name and logo in place of yours, ask yourself, “Is everything on your website still true?”

If you answered yes, then your website is not specific enough to your company and needs to be modified.

Does Your Website Have a Call to Action?

A call-to-action (CTA) is a huge part of what makes a marketing campaign and a website successful. You should have multiple CTAs throughout your website, giving your audience various chances to take action. CTAs create sales conversions and increase revenue. If your website doesn’t have a clear CTA telling your audience how to contact your company, schedule an appointment, or take advantage of an offer, then you’re leaving a substantial amount of money on the table.

Need Help? Contact Our Award-Winning Online Marketing Expert at Jimmy Marketing!

If you need help designing your company’s website according to the above recommendations, we are here for you! Our award-winning online marketing expert, Jimmy Nicholas, and the Jimmy Marketing team are always available for guidance. We have the experience to make your website a traffic-generating machine. Call today for more information or to schedule your FREE consultation with a member of our dynamic team!

Jimmy Nicholas of Jimmy Marketing is an award-winning online marketer who advises and assists with marketing for doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals.

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