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Retargeting and Display Advertising Steer Online Marketing for Businesses

online marketing for businessesOnline marketing is constantly evolving – what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. That’s why our clients love Jimmy Marketing; our knowledgeable team keeps on top of digital marketing trends, so you don’t have to!

Online Marketing for Businesses – We Get Results!

At Jimmy Marketing, we help small businesses gain more patients, customers, or clients with a blend of marketing strategies. Retargeting and display advertising are two effective ways to reach your desired audience. Read more to learn how these two online advertising methods can be significant drivers of web traffic for your business or medical practice.

What Is Retargeting?

According to our lead strategist in charge of online marketing for businesses, retargeting continues to reach potential customers who visited your site, but left without taking action or making a purchase. As the user continues to navigate the Internet, information about your business still displays. Although your visitor showed initial interest in your website, research shows that about 98% of people actually leave a site without taking any action.

Jimmy Marketing uses a retargeting service to reconnect with those potential clients, customers, or patients, to bring them back to your site. “Retargeting can be both affordable and highly effective because it focuses on a specific audience,” adds James Nicholas, online marketing guru and head of Jimmy Marketing.

Display Advertising Targets a Broad Audience

Online marketing for businesses can include display advertising to reach a much wider number of online users than by retargeting alone. Display advertising can target your desired geographic region to attract new clients or customers who might be interested in –or even actively researching –your particular business. This flexible advertising platform usually takes the form of a banner ad that shrinks or expands, but also can incorporate animation, photographs, graphics and video for a more varied user experience.

Jimmy Marketing clients who use display advertising can also measure the display ad’s effectiveness by analyzing data, such as click-through, bounce, and conversion rates. “Display ads are a great tool for businesses to gain insight as to the success of online marketing activities,” adds Jimmy Marketing’s director, James Nicholas.

Online Marketing for Businesses Boosts Your Brand

Jimmy Marketing specializes in working with small businesses to improve their online presence and grow their desired clientele. Our dedicated marketing team advises clients to employ a mix of both retargeting and display advertising. While they are different types of online marketing, both can be efficient –and cost effective – ways to increase brand awareness of any business.

Looking to Increase Your Online Presence?

Online marketing for businesses is Jimmy Marketing’s specialty! Jimmy Nicholas of Jimmy Marketing is an award-winning online marketer who advises and assists with marketing for doctors and other professionals. Click here to arrange a time to speak with our lead marketing advisor. We form exclusive client relationships by working with only one niche per service area, so contact us before your competitor does.

Jimmy Marketing Provides Exceptional Service and Exceptional Results With Our Proven 3-Step Marketing System for Podiatrists, Dentists, Orthodontists, Pediatric Dentists, Periodontists, Plastic Surgeons, Doctors, Contractors, and Businesses.


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