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Online Marketing for Businesses: Who’s Coming to Your Website?

online marketing for businesses website visitorsOur online marketing for businesses expert says in addition to investing time and money into a professional website for your company or practice, it’s crucial to also know as much as you can about how well it’s performing. In the ever-changing world of online marketing, there’s no shortage of ways to monitor your website traffic and learn everything you need to know about your audience and reach.

Get the Tools You Need to Grow – Advice from Our Business Online Marketing Expert

One of the best ways to measure the activity of your website is to use an analytical program that can provide you with virtually anything you need to know about your website. There are numerous programs available that will provide information like which pages get the most visits and which have the highest bounce rate. This will help you understand what’s working with your website, what needs adjustment, and can even tell you how well your competitors are doing. Our business online marketing expert recommends looking closely at the below metrics.

Number of Visits

One of the most important measurements to monitor is the total number of visits to your new business website. You can look at which keywords and calls to action are successful at pulling in traffic, plus how many of your visitors are new or returning. You can track how long each visitor stays on your website, the total number of pages they visit, and even if they originate from an organic search, email, or any number of other channels.

Bounce Rate

Our business online marketing expert says bounce rate is another vital measurement you’ll want to make sure to track. The bounce rate tells you what number of website visitors left after viewing only one page. This is crucial because it can pinpoint problem areas within your website, like broken links and irrelevant content, which lead to a poor user experience, and ultimately sends the visitor away from your site.

Desktop or Mobile?

Finally, our business online marketing expert says you should track whether your traffic is coming from desktop or mobile devices. With mobile device usage continually on the rise, it’s never been more important to make sure your website is designed responsively and able to be viewed on multiple devices.

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There are many additional metrics to monitor that will help you build a well-performing website, and ultimately lead to more conversions and leads for your company or practice. Our award-winning marketing expert, Jimmy Nicholas, and the Jimmy Marketing team are always available for guidance. We have the experience to make your website a traffic-generating machine. Call today for more information or to schedule your FREE consultation with a member of our dynamic team!

Jimmy Nicholas of Jimmy Marketing is an award-winning online marketer who advises and assists with marketing for doctors and other professionals. Click here to arrange a time to speak with our lead marketing advisor. We form exclusive client relationships by working with only one niche per service area, so contact us before your competitor does!

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