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What Can YOUR Business Do to Increase Conversion Rates?

According to orthodontist marketers, setting up conversion goals is one of the simplest ways any small businesses can analyze website performance. A “conversion” is measured each time a website visitor takes an action on your website, explains Jimmy Marketing. Tracking these unique events allows you to set a benchmark to measure how your website is performing. However, website conversion rates hover anywhere from 2-10% – which is not a significant return on your marketing dollars, adds Jimmy Marketing. Keep reading to learn from our orthodontist marketers about how retargeting can increase both your brand awareness and your bottom line.

What IS Retargeting?

Orthodontist marketers know that most potential customers or clients browse a website but do not usually make a purchase or fully engage with the site. As the user continues to browse the Internet, the previously viewed website content is usually quickly forgotten. Retargeting is a way to keep visually reminding the user about your website and your products and services.

Retargeting is highly “target-specific” marketing, explain our orthodontist marketers. A small piece of computer code, called a pixel, is unobtrusively stored on each site visitor’s computer, which is then used to track the movement of these particular consumers navigating across the Internet. This means you continue to connect with potential clients or customers who have expressed interest in your local brand and services.

What Are the Benefits of Retargeting?

  • Better brand recall and retention. According to orthodontist marketers, this means that even if people do not need your products or services immediately, they are more likely to buy from your business in the future when retargeting is used.
  • Better engagement with existing and prospective clients. Retargeting makes it possible for a business to keep its brand name in front of nearly 90% of its tagged traffic, says our orthodontist marketers. If proper segmenting of visitors is used in conjunction with a retargeting plan, it is also possible to increase the amount of time that visitors spend on the website by well over 100%.
  • Increase in conversion. While a higher number of visitors to a website does not necessarily convert to a greater number of sales, orthodontist marketers cite recent research that indicates that retargeting can increase your conversion rate by a whopping 400%!
  • Competitive advantage. Because retargeting keeps your brand constantly in front of prospective clients, your business gains an edge over competitors.
  • Effective use of promotional offers. Orthodontist marketers know that when clients are segmented appropriately for retargeting, retargeted ads gets a greater response to discounts and promotional offers.
  • Presents your information on related products and services. If a client has not already made a purchase, retargeting highlights your company’s other offerings and increases the chances of a sale.

Consult Our Orthodontist Marketers to Learn More About Retargeting & How to Increase Your Conversion Rates!

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