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Plastic Surgery Marketing Expert Jimmy Nicholas Explains the Importance of Analyzing Your Website Traffic

plastic surgery marketing expertMeasurement is an integral part of any successful plastic surgery marketing strategy. Every plastic surgeon who has implemented an online marketing plan should gauge its effectiveness by measuring and evaluating the results. Collecting the right metrics helps you set appropriate goals, assess your progress, and increase your business.

Need Help with Your Plastic Surgery Marketing? Jimmy Marketing Shares Some Important Online Marketing Metrics You Should Know

1) How Effective Is Your Social Media?

Our knowledgeable digital marketing team at Jimmy Marketing often sees clients, including plastic surgeons, who spent considerable effort in developing digital marketing campaigns for popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Now what?

Don’t spend precious time and resources on your social media campaign without gaining valuable insight into your users and their behavior on your site. According to Jimmy Nicholas, there are many social media monitoring tools available to accurately gather and evaluate campaign-related engagement metrics. For example, Google Analytics is a very popular tool for reporting and tracking website traffic – and it’s also free!

2) Track Your Bounce Rate!

According to Jimmy Marketing, using a web traffic measurement tool like Google Analytics can measure your website’s bounce rate. The term “bounce rate” describes how many people visit your site but immediately leave.

A high bounce rate can be a sign that your site’s content is not appealing or relevant. This important insight can help you redirect your marketing efforts in order to attract, engage, and retain visitors who may be interested in your business or practice.

3) Do You Know Your CPL?

Jimmy Marketing says that CPL, or cost per lead, is another important metric to measure the cost-effectiveness of your online plastic surgery marketing campaign. A simple calculation of CPL is to divide the total dollar amount invested by the total number of leads generated. However, a more complete CPL should also incorporate your research, writing, and administrative costs.

4) Backlinks Still Count!

Jimmy Marketing knows that another important online metric to track is the number of backlinks on your website. Backlinks are links directed to your website from other trusted web sources. The presence of backlinks help search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo determine if your plastic surgery website contains relevant, quality content, which improves your site’s overall ranking in search results.

How Does YOUR Website Measure Up? Jimmy Marketing Can Help with Your Plastic Surgery Marketing!

Enjoy exceptional service and exceptional success from Jimmy Marketing’s experts in plastic surgery marketing! Regularly checking your online marketing metrics provides an accurate analysis of your digital marketing campaign, so you can assess and refine the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Want to learn more about online marketing metrics and how we can help your practice prosper? Click here to schedule an appointment with our top plastic surgery marketing advisor today.

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