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Jimmy Marketing Shares Some Keyword Research Tips for Podiatrist Websites

podiatrist websites keyword research tipsAccording to our expert marketer for podiatrist websites, keyword research is one of the central elements to building content that will be easily found by search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. Digital marketers also pay careful attention to keyword planning to target pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns and improve search engine optimization (SEO.) Without keyword planning, it is very difficult for your practice to benefit from search engine traffic and attract new patients to your office. Luckily, there are a number of free keyword tools that make the research and SEO planning much easier – and more profitable.

Jimmy Marketing Suggests Podiatrist Websites Use These 3 Keyword Tools

Keep reading for advice from our expert online marketer about using the right keywords to drive more traffic to your podiatry website and bring more patients into your office.

Does Your Research Include Google’s Free Keyword Planner Tool?

Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner tool is probably the most popular keyword tool online. To research keywords, simply enter your phrase into the search field and the tool will retrieve a list of matching keywords from its database. The results display the average number of times users search for the keyword every month, as well as the level of advertising competition, described as low, medium or high.

Obtaining this type of data using Google’s Keyword Planner is very beneficial because it helps you determine whether a keyword is worth pursuing or not. The tool also provides advanced search options and filters, allowing you to search for relevant keywords according to a specific language, country, or search network.

Research Relevant Keywords Using WordTracker

Marketers using keywords to optimize podiatrist websites can avoid costly monthly subscription fees by taking advantage of the free version of WordTracker. While the free version doesn’t provide in-depth keyword data like the paid version, the data is still very helpful.

WordTracker is unique because it retrieves a larger number of “long-tail” keywords, which are three to four keyword phrases. Long-tail keywords get less search traffic, but can be a highly successful way to connect with patients or customers who are searching for your very specific product or service. Another advantage of WordTracker is that it produces more free keywords than Google’s more limited Adwords Keyword Tool.

Jimmy Marketing Says SEMRush Is Another Helpful Keyword Research Tool

According to digital marketers who design podiatrist websites, SEMRush offers both a free version and a paid version. The free version, however, provides enough useful data for most keyword research purposes. With the free version of the SEMRush tool, you can view the number of monthly search results, cost-per-click and the number of competing sites in Google – all conveniently displayed on one page. SEMRush also intermixes your keywords with related podiatry keywords per search, which makes it easy to generate ideas for additional keywords that you may have overlooked.

Want to Learn More About How Jimmy Marketing Can Increase Traffic to YOUR Podiatrist Website?

Jimmy Marketing can help you determine the best keyword phrases for your company, analyze how competitive they are and even update your website so that it is optimized to its fullest. Jimmy Nicholas of Jimmy Marketing is an award-winning online marketer who advises and assists with marketing for doctors and other professionals.

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