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SEO Mistakes – How to Avoid Them

Search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely important for almost any business in today’s world. With the advent of the internet, consumers frequently look at services and products online before making purchasing decisions. SEO efforts can help boost search engine rankings, improving opportunities for website traffic and increasing sales.

Not Updating Content

One of the biggest SEO mistakes many small business owners make is not updating content regularly. Content includes articles on your website, product and service descriptions and informational updates.

Content should be updated at least twice a week. One easy method of updating content is with a blog. Blog entries can include short product reviews, industry information or information about your business in general. Content should include targeted keywords and long-string keyword phrases at a density of approximately 1 to 2 percent.

Not Using Video Content

Video content can be one of the most effective SEO methods to improve search engine rankings. Video content can be as simple as a demonstration of how to use a product or a discussion of industry issues of interest to potential customers. Video content should include keywords in the meta description for maximum effectiveness.

Video content marketing through YouTube can also be extremely effective. Posting videos to YouTube and other video social networking sites is an excellent method of generating interest and website site traffic. If you use this SEO method, include a link to your website above the fold in the description.

Not Submitting Your Website After Updates

Many business owners managing their own websites and SEO campaigns fail to submit their website to search engines after updating site content. Search engines automatically send out spider programs to search websites for updated information. However, this process can take a long time before the spider programs discover updated content to improve search engine ranking. Submitting website updates as soon as they are completed decreases the amount of time necessary for search engine recognition.

Not Integrating Keywords into Website Structure

One of the largest mistakes many business owners make is in how they structure their website pages. Website pages should have targeted keywords integrated into the page title if at all possible. This SEO method increases opportunities for potential customers to discover your website through internet searches. Since the keyword is part of the web page structure and not the page content, it holds higher value from the perspective of search engine algorithms.

SEO does not necessarily need to be highly time consuming. However, it is important to update content weekly and tend to SEO efforts regularly. By using simple methods of capturing the attention of search engines, you can improve your ranking and increase website traffic, which ultimately can result in improved sales.

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