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Success Stories

Dr. Dustin Burleson – Burleson Orthodontics, MO

“We went from 5-10 new patients a month to doing that in one day through Google adwords. Jimmy understands direct response marketing. If you want to take your website and turn it into revenue, there’s only one source and that is Jimmy Nicholas and Jimmy Marketing.”

Dr. Sam Burrow – Burrow & Welchel Orthodontics, NC

“(Based on previous experiences with other providers) My suspicions were really high. Prior to hiring Jimmy Marketing I listened to a lot of webinars from Jimmy and talked to other people using them. I did my research and everyone I talked to had raving reviews. Overall it’s been a great experience!”

Dr. Howard Shullman – Shullman Orthodontics, FL

“Since hiring Jimmy Marketing our numbers are up 70% from last year. We hit triple digits for the first time in 15 years and we have done it 3 times this year already.”

Dr. Lisa Grant – Grant Orthodontics, IL 2019

Long time client Lisa Grant talks about her experience updating her Jimmy Marketing site and overall client experience.

Dr. Lisa Grant – Grant Orthodontics, IL 2015

“Each and every employee is incredibly knowledgeable and timely! You email them and they are right back with a response. They guide you through the process and that’s what I love about them.”

Robin, Patient Coordinator – Grant Orthodontics, IL

“(They are more than just a marketing company), they are our friends, they really care about us and want to see us succeed. They really, really listen. If you are looking to grow your practice and add opportunities that come through your door, I highly recommend Jimmy Marketing to do that.”

Dr. Timothy Scanlan – TS Orthodontics, NC

Dr. Scanlan gives a Jimmy Marketing testimonial in front of his peers at a Burleson Seminars event. “We get about 10-15 new patients a month just from our website. The call tracking has been a fantastic tool for training my staff.”

Dr. Paul White – White Orthodontics, VA

“I have found that they are passionate, energetic and enthusiastic. They have a can do attitude and they will bend over backwards for you.” Dr. White shares how after 6 previous websites with other providers, he’s finally made the right choice with Jimmy Marketing.

Dr. Mike Burgdorf – Music City Plastic Surgery, TN

“I’m up more than double digits from last year. I couldn’t recommend Jimmy Marketing any stronger. They have killed it for me.”

Morgan – AUDMA, Audiology Marketing Automation, Nationwide Reach

“For our clients that do use Jimmy Marketing, I see every day double and triple the leads compared to our clients not using them. I have never heard a single complaint from any of our clients who use Jimmy Marketing that they are not getting enough leads.”

Dr. Blake Borello – Borello Orthodontics, MO

Dr. Borello shares how he was burned in the past by other web designers and marketers and wishes he started with Jimmy Marketing sooner. “It’s nice to see my marketing dollars being put to good use!”

Dr. Ron Barnett – Barnett Orthodontics, TX

“Jimmy is one of those guys when he says he will do something he does it. We have seen at least a 20% increase in the first 2 months.”

Dr. William Marshall – Marshall Orthodontics, SC 2018

Dr. Marshall of Marshall Orthodontics explains his personal experience with Jimmy Marketing and how our exclusivity program helped benefit his practice tremendously.

Dr. William Marshall – Marshall Orthodontics, SC 2017

Dr. Marshall gives 5 reasons why he chose Jimmy Marketing, what he is most impressed with and how the exclusivity policy protected him from his competition.

Dr. Chris Milkie – Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists – Podiatrist

“They have over delivered. We went from 40-45 new patients monthly 4 years ago to 70, 80 and 109 respectively. We dominate the web in our area.”

Dr. Brad Mokris – Coastline Orthodontics, FL

“The process from web design, build, launch, online marketing and ad creation has been seamless. These guys have the system down.”

Dr. Joel Brook – Dallas Podiatry Works , TX

“I’ve been with Jimmy Marketing for about a year now and I can tell you without hesitation that their expertise and professionalism are second to none. You want a no brainer? Go with Jimmy.”

Dr. Leif Loberg – Loberg Dental Center, CA

“I’ve been with Jimmy Marketing for about a year now and I can tell you without hesitation that their expertise and professionalism are second to none. You want a no-brainer? Go with Jimmy.”

Lori, Marketing Manager – The Center For Dental Excellence, IL

“We have been with Jimmy marketing for 5 years and they are a full service provider. They are proactive, not reactive. They truly care and the growth we have experienced has been dramatic!”

Dr. Cary Goldberg – The Center For Dental Excellence, IL

“We’ve been working with Jimmy Marketing for many years and have had amazing online results. Our ROI has been through the roof. We couldn’t do what we do and see so many new patients, well over 120 per month, without Jimmy and his amazing team. Thanks Jimmy!”

Dr. Keith Darrow, Neuroscientist, MA

“Why do we trust Jimmy Marketing?

1. ROI – We have seen 15-1, and sometimes 20-1 monthly ROI and they provide constant and consistent feedback.
2. Market Exclusivity – They will not work with anyone else in your market.
3. Trust & Authority – They are focused on building trust through making their clients the authority. They know what gets a patient to call you.

Jimmy Marketing is the only trusted source in hearing healthcare.”

Jared Brader – Founder of Intermountain Audiology

“Jimmy Marketing is a partner in growth. We have seen nearly $3 million in annual revenue. They have great customer service and I have recommended them to hundreds of people around the country.”

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