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Your Dental Practice Websites May Be Due for a Tuneup!

Jimmy Marketing’s expert online marketing team knows there are always ways that you can improve the performance of your dental practice website. Read more to learn how doing a simple website “audit” can improve your user experience, increase visitor traffic, and grow your practice.

Does Your Site Design Need Refreshing?

Dental practice websites with an outdated look and feel often are unappealing to your online visitors and can quickly increase your bounce rate. Even older color schemes, too many tabs on your site’s navigation bar, or outdated images are not attractive design elements by today’s standards. The professional website designers at Jimmy Marketing recommend you consider an updated layout and design for your site to maintain a fresher, more modern look.

Is Your Website Content “Reader-Friendly?”

According to Jimmy Marketing, dental practice websites are often cluttered with “information overload,” which affects how your online visitors consume or interact with your content. Your website needs to keep your visitors engaged and interested in the information about your dental practice. Instead of big blocks of text that are difficult to read, our experienced content writers suggest you use headings, subheadings, and extra spacing to break up your text. Your wording should be descriptive, clear, and concise –without typos or grammatical errors, of course!

Jimmy Marketing Knows How to Maximize Dental Practice Websites

After you review your practice website and realize you need an online marketing professional, our team of website designers, content writers and SEO specialists can fully optimize your current website, or start from scratch – that’s what we do!

Have You Tweaked Your SEO Recently?

Continuous analysis of your SEO metrics is crucial for dental practice websites, advises Jimmy Marketing. Your website’s SEO, or search engine optimization, may be impacted by old content, broken links, outdated social media, or even inappropriate use of keywords. According to Jimmy Marketing, some website owners emphasize keyword use over readability, believing that this strategy will boost their SEO rankings. In fact, the practice of “keyword stuffing” results in a more negative user experience, and can actually HARM your site’s ranking. Leading search engines like Google stress that the user experience is now considered one of the most important elements in improving your site’s SEO.

Want to Learn More About How Jimmy Marketing Helps Dental Practice Websites Achieve Online Marketing Success?

Let the professional marketing team at Jimmy Marketing update or redesign your website to help grow your dental practice. Jimmy Nicholas of Jimmy Marketing is an award-winning online marketer who advises and assists with marketing for dentists, doctors, and other professionals.

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