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What They Don’t Teach You In Medical School

3 Essential Tips For Developing a Successful Medical Marketing Strategy From Jimmy Nicholas, Founder & CEO of Jimmy Marketing

Medical school teaches you the science, principles, and art behind medicine. Even beyond the anatomy and biochemistry syllabi, medical school teaches you how to merge your knowledge with your unique skills to help others live their best lives.

What medical school does not teach is how to actively connect your expertise with those who need it most. Without savvy in business and marketing, you may find it challenging to effectively communicate the services you offer and attract more patients. Medical school teaches you the science behind helping people; now consider these marketing tips so you can find people to help!

Marketing Tip #1: Create a Strong Website

Today, patients largely turn to the web when looking for a medical expert. Even word-of-mouth referrals often visit a medical or dental provider’s website before making a call. That initial visit to your website serves as an important first impression. We often hear patients acknowledge that interacting with friendly and easy-to-use websites seems to translate into a sense that the corresponding doctor is professional, accessible, and trustworthy.

On the other hand, this assumption also means that outstanding doctors with a poorly designed or managed website may be overlooked or misjudged. Don’t let your exceptional practice be underestimated! Your website shouldn’t just explain the services you provide. More importantly, it must explain why you are the obvious choice over all your competitors. Simply by investing in more strategic leveraging, packaging, and positioning, you can dramatically improve the way your potential patients will view your practice.

Ensuring that your website functions responsively on multiple types of devices is also key. A website that looks great on a large desktop monitor might look terrible on a small mobile phone. Plus, the coding that makes a website look great on one brand of phone or tablet might cause a display error on another. Make sure your website has been tested on multiple types of devices, including…

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Multiple browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and more
  • Both PCs and Macs
  • Multiple brands of tablets, including iPads, Android, Kindle, and more
  • Multiple brands of cell phones, including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and more

Mobile devices drive over 50% of traffic today, so ensuring that your website looks great on all types of devices will be critical to your success.

Marketing Tip #2: Hold Your Marketing Dollars Accountable

While the presentation and content of your website is essential, even the best websites are useless if no one ever visits them. Increasing visibility is essential. With the right tools and tweaks, your website must be optimized so that search engines like Google present your site among the top search results. To make sure the money you spend on your website is getting results, you should regularly check where your website ranks on multiple search engines. If you aren’t appearing high on the first page of results, then your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) needs to be refined.

Additionally, call tracking technology can allow you to further determine which traffic sources are producing the best results. Call tracking allows the phone number on your website to change based on where your visitor came from. That means you know which advertising dollars and which ads are getting the best results. You can then focus your advertising dollars on what works, and you can stop spending money on unsuccessful ads.

Marketing Tip #3: Evolve Your Marketing Strategy with the Times

The yellow pages are not what they used to be! The same should go for your marketing strategy.

As more and more doctors and dentists turn to online advertising, you must create a presence that differentiates you from the competition. More specifically than just being online, tailor your presence on the websites that potential patients visit. Facebook ads and specialized ad targeting software are so advanced these days; they can showcase your services to a potential patient before they even know they need you!

Advertising software today can also retarget individuals who visit your website, reminding and familiarizing them with your brand and services. This repeated interaction increases the likelihood of individuals first reaching out to you when they do need your expertise.

Each of these marketing services is offered by Jimmy Marketing as part of our Proven 3-Step System, which has been specialized to fit the needs of a variety of medical professionals to predictably and consistently attract more new patients from the web. Schedule a call with our top marketing advisor to learn more about how our 3-step system can put your practice on the path to success.

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