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Jimmy Marketing ensures that your website shares a message that doesn’t simply make you look like a great choice – it make you the obvious choice for anyone reading it. We work with you to produce an irresistible offer and a message that differentiates you from your competitors. In short, you are the best option in your area, and we make sure your website visitors realize that.

Using our complex website development process (which includes our asset gathering checklist, Jimmy’s Logo Test, and your feedback), we are able to build a fantastic website that looks wonderful on all devices including desktop computers (both PC and Mac), laptops, and multiple brands of tablets and mobile phones. With over half of all website traffic coming from mobile devices these days, having a responsive website that changes based on screen size is essential.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the unique amount and quality of traffic to your website by organic results through search engines. This includes keyword research and competitive analysis, on-site optimization, internal and external linking, page load speed, page URL structure, external SEO on keyword phrases, Google My Business Optimizations, and citation building.

Jimmy Marketing manages your SEO to ensure that you remain in a competitive, highly ranked position, and maintain high search visibility on search engines. Results include ranking in the top three positions on page one of Google, and ranking in the top position on Google Maps.

At Jimmy Marketing we use a third party call tracking system to track all incoming phone calls from your website and online marketing campaigns. The system works by dynamically changing the phone number on the front of your website based off of which traffic source a patient comes from. For example if someone searches for you organically on Google, they will see a different number in the header of your website than if they click on a Facebook ad. The individual numbers assigned to each traffic source allow us to see how many leads (new patients interested in your services), and conversions (meaning they booked an appointment while on the phone that day) originate from each campaign. We determine whether or not the calls are leads or conversions by listening to each one and categorizing accurately.

Each month, your Marketing Account Manager will update your cost per lead spreadsheet. This spreadsheet gives an overview of how many leads you are receiving from your website, SEO, and online marketing campaigns (such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Re-Targeting Ads).

Your spreadsheet will include the total amount of money invested in online marketing each month, along with the total number of leads generated from each traffic source we are managing for you, therefore calculating your Cost Per Lead. Leads could be from incoming phone calls, or request appointment/contact forms on your website.

Additionally, we provide you with the names of your converted lead calls (patients who called and booked an appointment) and form submissions (patients who requested an appointment online). This allows you to research each new patient to see if they started treatment & see what that treatment costs. Calculating the total amount generated from your online leads will allow you determine your exact ROI from online marketing each month.

Your online reputation is extremely important in our information age. People have access to all your reviews and testimonials within a couple seconds on their mobile phones or computers. The average person reads 10 reviews before making a buying decision and over 70% of people trust reviews as if a friend was referring them to your practice. It is imperative that you have the right tool in place to increase your online reputation and help you stand out from your competition.

Reviews Accelerator is a tool used to help increase online reviews. After a successful visit to your practice, someone from your team would input the patient information into the system. This begins an automated process of asking for a review using a 5-Star system.

Retargeting ads are display ads of different sizes that show on external websites. After someone has been to your site, we capture their IP address and show these ads to them for a certain period of time. These ads are mainly used for brand awareness and to boost recognition of your practice, logo, messaging etc. We usually do not see direct conversions from these ads, as they are not showing to cold traffic, however they work to keep you as top of mind awareness in your area.

Jimmy Marketing uses the Google platform (accounting for about 98% of all search engine traffic) to manage and run your pay per click campaigns. We use Search ads and Video ads to help you get in front of your market when people are actively searching in your area.

Search ads are text ads that are shown on Google after a user enters a specific term into the search engine. Search ads can also show on Google’s partner sites such as AOL and Ask.com. Search ads work in conjunction with SEO to help ensure your presence (and relevant information) is prominent when a user is actively searching for their service.

Video ads are videos which can be shown on Youtube as well as Google’s Display Network. There are two different types of video ads Jimmy Marketing currently utilizes, Bumper Ads- which are a 6 second videos that shows prior to the user watching the video they have clicked on, and Discovery/In-Stream videos- which are longer video ads that can be skipped, however will still show prior to someone watching the content they clicked on.

All styles of ads are vital in helping you show up when someone is searching for your services in your market.

Facebook Ads are a powerful and cost-effective way to connect with your best customers out of the billions of users that actively engage with the social media platform on a regular basis. These ads can appear on the user’s news feed, right column, messenger, mobile devices, and outside of Facebook, through Instagram’s stories and news feed.

Jimmy Marketing uses Facebook’s targeting tools to select specific demographics, interests, and behaviors in order to create cold audiences for our ad campaigns. We also create custom audiences using patient lists, Facebook engagement, and website traffic. Our goal is to convert users by redirecting them to your website, or collect user information through lead ads, which can be used for future nurture marketing.

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