What We Do…
Build Websites
Your website is the most vital component to your marketing system. We don't just build you brochure based a website, we build you a 24X7X365 sales person for your business that doesn't call in sick, take vacations or require a benefit package.

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Your website should be your most important asset in your business … attracting and converting a steady flow of leads. Then, helping nurture and convert those leads into patients, customers, or clients.

Additionally, your website should be a resource that saves you and your staff time.

If you are looking for the cheapest website or a free website, we are not for you.

If you are looking for the most expensive website so you can tell your friends your website was designed by some Madison Ave design firm, we are not for you.

However, if you are looking for the most bang for your marketing dollar, highest ROI on your website investment, and best value for your website investment, then we are the best and only choice for your website.

We have helped hundreds of small businesses and practices all over the world. Visit our portfolio and watch some of our client testimonials. Explore our website for free resources that will help you, even if you do not do business with us.

Want to learn how we could potentially help your business get the most ROI on your website and marketing? Apply for a no- obligation, marketing analysis and customized action plan, at no cost to you!

Drive Targeted Traffic
Once you have the proper foundation in place with an effective, direct response based website the next logical step is to drive targeted traffic to your website cost effectively.

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With online and offline marketing today, there are so many options you have to market your website and business. We help you decide which methods and media would be the best to implement by using data from Google and other resources. We even can spy on your competition and see how they are marketing online.

We help you craft the right marketing messaging to attract your ideal patients, customers, or clients. We then monitor your marketing and work with you to conclude which methods and medias bring you the best returns and how we can tweak them for even better results. We use analytics; A/B split tests, and your feedback to help get you the best results with your marketing investment.

If you want to hire us on a monthly retainer, we essentially become an extension of your business as your marketing team. We help guide with both online and offline marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal marketing director, with typically better results. If you are a marketing director or have a marketing director in your business, we work together and synergistically to bring your marketing to another level.

Our essential marketing education above will guide you to creating your marketing action plan. Our marketing experts will guide you and create your unique, marketing action plan through our no-obligation, marketing analysis and customized action plan, at no cost to you!.

Marketing and business today is changing faster than ever. If you don't stay ahead of the trends, you may find yourself quickly in survival mode instead of thriving.

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Your Essential Marketing Education

What they didn't teach you in school,
but as a business owner you need to know!
7 Critical Mistakes Your Making With Your Website & How You Can Fix Them

No Opt-In Required! You don't even know it, but you are currently losing thousands or more likely millions of dollars

in lost opportunities! This free video reveals 7 critical mistakes you are making with your website and how to fix them. You will see specific examples showing you what to do, and not to do.

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9 Proven & Powerful Marketing Tools To Give You A Surge Of New Patients, Clients, Or Customers
Are you ready to explode your practice, firm, or business? By learning and implementing these 9 proven & powerful

marketing tools into your business you will free up your time and ultimately put more money in your pocket right now.

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Dominate Your Market With The Jimmy Marketing Power Marketing 3-CD Audio Program
Do you want to dominate your market and become #1 in your industry? If you are looking for a few patients, customers, or clients

then DO NOT listen to this audio program. The Jimmy Marketing Power Marketing Program is a COMPLETE marketing system unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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How Effective Is Your Marketing? Find Out Instantly With Our Simple Marketing Self Assessment
Taking our Marketing Self Assessment is critical in establishing a benchmark as to where you are with your current marketing

in your business. After you take the short and easy quiz you will receive an instant analysis.

To take this free assessment click the link below.

Apply for a
no-obligation, marketing analysis and customized action plan, at no cost to you!
The best way to learn your best plan of action for your marketing is to talk with a Jimmy Marketing expert.

When you are ready to learn how we could potentially help your business get the most ROI on your website and marketing, apply for a no-obligation, marketing analysis and action plan, at no cost to you!

We will talk with you for about an hour, to learn more about your unique business and goals.

Then, we will prepare your customized action plan, and review it with you!

Ultimately, you can choose to implement your action plan on your own, or with our help!

So, click here to apply now to get started today!

Be Our Next Success Story
Scott Camassar
We're very pleased with Jimmy Marketing and enjoy doing business with them. They're great and very responsive to any questions or requests to update our site.
Alex Heonis
Excellent Service!!! Jimmy Marketing have served all my needs on my business website. I was not only impressed with their service, but the high quality of the outcome of my website. I had visited many website designers in the past, nothing compares to Jimmy Marketing. James Nicholas and his staff members true character can be described with integrity and professionalism. An immeasurable amount of appreciation.
Morag Morse
Thank You Jimmy Marketing!! Dave's awesome, he helps me with my website problems is always friendly and professional and most of all he gets the job done.
Jonathan Duncklee
Jimmy Marketing is amazing. These guys are always open, provide the ultimate service after the sale and I'm thrilled I met James and his staff. I would recommend this company to my extensive network.
Dave Reagan
Jimmy Marketing has helped with my website design for many years. They have been helpful with updating the website and pictures. They are very responsive.
April Smith
Always a pleasure. James is a consummate professional who gets me excited about my company and its possibilities. I also enjoy working with his staff. We are proud to be affiliated with Jimmy Marketing.
Marc Mazzella
Jimmy Marketing is fast, efficient and professional. Great company to do business with!
Michelle Mayo
Every business should be as attentive and professional as James and his staff at Jimmy Marketing.
Matthew Longino
I have trusted Jimmy Marketing for my internet marketing needs since James, the founder, was designing websites from his home. James and his team have set up about 6 sites for me, including, most recently, an online store that interfaces with my distributor's inventory software. Jimmy Marketing helped me catapult my company's entire online marketing campaign including Facebook and Constant Contact. I have also purchased business cards and mailing cards. I have recommended JimmyMarketing.com to all of my friends and business contacts.
Roger Crampton
The staff have always been courteous and easy to work with. Fast response times and good pricing.
Diane Zemko
I have been working with Jimmy Marketing for many years and have been very happy. Everyone is great to deal with and if there is any problem, they are quick to help resolve it. They are personable and professional. I look forward to working with them for many years to come!
Timothy Condon
Service was great. Everything was conducted in a speedy manner and the product was high in quality. I have recommended Jimmy Marketing to many friends and businesses.
Yvonne Karlsson
Jimmy Marketing is a professional company that offers exceptional service. The staff is polite and customer service is of a high standard. Highly recommend this company.
Karen & Dennis Brunelle
Jimmy Marketing is the best web design company in the area. They looked at my needs as a business owner and converted my web site to meet those needs. I am thrilled with my web site and if I ever have a question they are quick to respond. James is honest and sincere and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend James and his staff of Jimmy Marketing to anyone!
Jonathan Fournier
Great attention to detail. Jimmy Marketing produced a very polished website for us. Impeccable Customer Service. Sales activity has improved dramatically as a direct result of Jimmy Marketing upgrades to our website.
Susan Reardon
Jimmy Marketing has been extremely responsive to our needs - especially given the fact that we often have to back burner our needs, and then need them yesterday! Always pleasant, with great suggestions.
Lyn DeBerardinis
We are so pleased with Jimmy Marketing services. They did a wonderful job on our website design, and have helped us market our firm better than any other avenue we tried. They respond to our questions immediately, understand our business and are willing to work with us in the way we want.
Maggie Barili
I am extremely pleased with the creation of my website. Jimmy Marketing personal customer care and kind service, patience and respect for my needs and how I needed to work with you is beyond outstanding. I feel safe, cared for,and always on the right track with my website presentation to the world. I have received and continue to receive tremendous value for the price of my website creation and the monthly fee for being hosted by Jimmy Marketing. Thank you to all of you.
Bill Buscetto
Jimmy Marketing was incredible to work with, James and his staff were true professionals from start to finish with my project. They were able to give me many different options and worked with me until I was completely satisfied.
Michael Carpenter
We have a had a great experience dealing with Jimmy Marketing. They are a great company to market the needs of a small business. We are very happy and plan on doing more business with them in the near future.
Will Harovas
I've personally had the opportunity to experience and benefit from Jimmy's brilliance in my own business. I've also seen first-hand how he's helped to transform the lives and businesses of members in a Mastermind group that we both participate in. Jimmy is a giver and you feel it from the first moment you meet him.
Wade Sarette
I strongly endorse James Nicholas for his extreme professionalism and knowledge while helping me build a new website to showcase my building company and also key ideas on how to best market my business in the future.
Len Goldstein
Jimmy has successfully produced numerous marketing programs for New London Self Storage. I started working with Jimmy when we opened our business in 2010 and have been very happy with any marketing programs he and his team have done for me.
Christopher Yates
A few weeks ago I had the privilege of watching the marketer of the year presentations at the GKIC Super Conferemce. Each of the presenters had first class presentations, but one really stood out and that wasJimmy Nicholas. His enthusiasm, ideas,passion and love for marketing made it evident why he won Marketer of the Year. Every time I hear Jimmy speak, I take away new ideas that help me make money in my business. I also love the way Jimmy is so down to earth and shares from his heart. As a result, any time I have a chance to ...
David Reindel
I don't have to be trolling the internet looking for new things because I have Jimmy Marketing doing that for me. I have so much confidence, and my new site has changed how I feel about me. I just tell people now, go to DavidReindel.com and know they will see something really dynamic. I already had other money committed to our website before hiring Easy Web Creations, and I thought, am I just chasing the shiny object? What they do and the results they get for us are spectacular!
Dr. Jack Johnson
Jimmy Marketing has made it effortless to promote my business. His knowledge of advertising is always at the forefront and has helped my business to grow. He brought us to social media and added some personal touches that make a big impact on patients.

… We Are Your Marketing Team

FREE VIDEO! 7 Critical Mistakes You Are Making With Your Website

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